Each unit of the Student’s Book includes five two-page lessons
that are designed to be simple to use and easy to teach. They
include lessons about amazing people, places and things, as well
as lessons that focus specifically on students’ listening, speaking
and writing skills. These lessons are followed by a review of the
vocabulary and grammar that has been presented as well as a
theme-related song, which students will enjoy listening to and
Within each unit, there is also a CLIL (Content and Language
Integrated Learning) and Culture section. The CLIL parts focus
on learning about another subject such as maths, geography or
history in English. The Culture parts of the units focus on different
aspects of life in the UK and other English-speaking countries,
often encouraging students to compare them to their own
country. Each CLIL and Culture section is linked to the theme
of the unit and comprises fun and communicative activities
involving pair or group work. This section also has a Now take
it home! feature which encourages students to tell their parents
what they’ve been doing or learning about in class.
Each unit ends with a fully-illustrated episode of our exciting
ongoing story. Using language from the same or previous
units, each two-page spread will capture students’ interest and
motivate them to read in English and use the language they have
learnt. The comic story is brought to life in full animation in the
free Student’s e-book.
There are also values, pronunciation and video features in each
unit which ensure that students are exposed to all aspects of
language learning as well as encouraging them to connect their
learning experience to the real world.

Amazing English 2 -Student's Book

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