If your students struggle with changing the subject of an equation or drawing tangents to find rate of change, this is the book for them. This textbook companion will help improve their essential maths skills for chemistry, whichever awarding body specification you're following. You can use it throughout the course, whenever you feel they need some extra help.

- Develop understanding of both maths and chemistry with all worked examples and questions within a chemistry context
- Improve confidence with a step-by-step approach to every maths skill
- Measure progress with guided and non-guided questions 
- Understand misconceptions with full worked solutions to every question 
- Feel confident in expert guidance from experienced teacher and examiner Nora Henry, reviewed by Paul Yates, Strategic Academic Development Adviser at the University of Chester and author of the mathematics skills column for the Royal Society of Chemistry magazine 'Education in Chemistry'

Essential Maths Skills for AS/A Level Chemistry

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