Fun Box is an exciting three-level course
for young learners in primary classes. Young
students will love the adorable and humorous
characters which make each lesson in Fun
Box fun enjoyable and memorable.
The self-contained stories in each lesson will
enable you and your pupils to start and finish
each lesson easily.
Fun Box 1 gently introduces your pupils to
the English language. Fun Box 2 progresses
gradually, helping your pupils reach the
required vocabulary and language skill level to
continue smoothly into Beginner level classes.


Complement Material


• 12 graded units each with 3 two-page lessons.
• clearly structured, easy to follow lessons organised
to fit the teaching year.
• all the key grammar structures and essential
vocabulary required at primary level, transparently
presented and methodically practised.
• a range of fun and achievable activities developing
all four skills.

Fun Box 2

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