Fun with Fizz is an entertaining new
three-level primary course for young learners. The
adventures of the mischievous and endearing alien
Fizz as he explores life on Planet Earth will engage
your pupils’ attention and make their learning
experience fun.
Fun with Fizz provides pupils with a carefully
graded syllabus which develops their vocabulary
and language skills through fun stories, lively
songs and plenty of practice.


Complement Material


• 12 graded units, each with 3 two-page
• manageable revision units after every
3 units.
• all the key grammar and vocabulary
required at this level.
• gradual development of reading, writing,
listening and speaking skills.
• stickers and songs to maintain a high level
of motivation.
• an end-of-year play and extra activities.

Fun With Fizz 1

  • 9789963254002

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