Ping Pong is an enchanting new course for
very young learners taking their first steps into
English. As children follow the adventures of Max
and Milly and their two friends Ping and Pong,
they are gently introduced to their very first
English words, sounds and letters.
• Ping Pong engages learners through
motivating illustrated stories, songs and
chants followed by enjoyable playful activities.
• Ping Pong’s alphabet phonics lessons
introduce the English alphabet with guidance
on letter formation and sounds, and practice
with key vocabulary.
• Activities are simple, enjoyable and varied,
and always feasible for young learners.
• Lively, memorable songs and chants bring
lessons to life.
• Stickers and cut-outs further enhance
children’s learning experience.

Ping Pong - Activity Book 2

  • 9789963254507

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