Reactivate your Grammar & Vocabulary
for C1/C2 exams presents grammar and
vocabulary in a clear and concise way. The
book has been written based on the needs
and topics relevant to students at C1 and C2
level. It comprises theme-based units in which
the English language is presented in an active
context. Students are able to consolidate the
grammatical structures and vocabulary required
for the C1/C2 level examinations by means of a
range of exam-based tasks as well as generic
exercise types.


Complement Material


• 15 theme-based units.
• clear and simple grammar explanations with an
emphasis on examples.
• a variety of grammar exercises that provide students
with ample practice.
• a variety of vocabulary exercises covering word
formation, phrasal verbs, prepositions and
contextualised lexical items.
• Cambridge and Michigan task types.
• a section dedicated to English idioms after every
four units.
• a review after every three units.

Reactivate - Your Grammar & Vocabulary

  • 9789963254781

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