Cambridge Starters, Movers & Flyers Practice Tests have
been designed to familiarise young learners with the exact format
of the examinations as well as to expand their vocabulary and to
improve the skills required to do well in these examinations.


Complement Material


• five complete practice tests.
• consolidation exercises after every test to ensure students practise
vocabulary which frequently appears in the test.
• full introduction for students and parents which includes detailed
information about the test and advice on how to prepare for the test.
• A-Z Word List which includes all the vocabulary students must be
familiar with to do well in the test.
• clear audio providing listening practice.
• free access to one complete online practice test for each level.
• information for teachers about the test which includes an outline of
each paper and detailed information on each part within the papers.
• tips on how to prepare students for each part of the test.
• a audioscript for each of the five practice tests.
• a speaking script for each practice test so that teachers can conduct
the speaking paper of each practice test under test conditions, and
students can become familiar with the exact structure of the speaking
paper of the test.

YLE Practice Test - Flyers

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